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Those Pesky Meat Cravings…..


So….after 6 months of not allowing nor wanting meat in my body…..I gave into a craving.

I started working out and along with it the most intense craving for meat arose, specifically chicken. In my previous fitness endeavors, my diet was grilled chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes. That was literally all I ate. Now that I’m doing this again minus the animal flesh, I had no idea how hard it would be. It is like my body was like um…..where the chicken at homie?? Crazy how old habits can reemerge!

For an entire week all I could think about was chicken. I drank heavy protein smoothies and beefed up my calories to see if it would help. I tried not to let myself get super hungry so I wouldn’t do anything foolish. I didn’t want a chicken substitute. I wanted the real deal. So I got it.

I caved and ate a grilled chicken taco and grilled chicken burrito and absolutely devoured it!!


I blacked out.



I don’t even remember eating the burrito. I do remember afterwards I was expecting to feel immense guilt and shame. I mean I’m supposed to be headed towards veganism not go backwards! I felt two things. First I felt satisfied. Clearly, I need to increase the protein in my diet. I also felt proud of that moment.

Yep. I know.

That doesn’t make sense.

But…for as long as I could remember, if I ever ate something that was “bad” I would beat myself up about it. I would rationalize not being able to be healthy because I accidentally ate a cheeseburger and completely kill my plans for better health.

This time….I didn’t feel that way. I did what I did, processed it then kept it moving. The next morning I had my smoothie and mixed vegetables as if nothing even happened. I didn’t feel the need to give up my vegan journey. I made it a part of my journey.

I realized that my journey is exactly that. Mine. I’m so proud of myself for going 6 months without meat. Never in a million years did I think that I could last that long. This hiccup also showed me that I need to adjust my eating habits to my new active lifestyle.

I wrote this post to show you all that I’m not perfect and that there aren’t perfect vegans out there. Slip ups are inevitable. But it’s how you handle it that matters the most.

If you all are interested in how to deal with cravings, let me know and I’ll do a separate post!




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