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6 Month Update and The Story Behind Why I stopped working out

I’ve been an almost vegan for 6 months. It feels like yesterday that I decided to do this thing for real and stop playing with my health. One decision I decided to also make was not exercise while making my initial transition.


Typically anytime someone wants to make a lifestyle change, especially if it’s weight loss, diet and exercise have to be done together. Considering my history with food and what typically happens when I try to do too much at once (AKA fall off the wagon) is I make the change for about a month or so and then things get hard and then I stop. For months. Then I do it again. It’s not a good cycle to be in. As a result, my weight would yo-yo, which is also unhealthy.

I really wanted this new lifestyle to stick. Within the first month I felt better and knew that I had to keep it up. I also knew that I had a terrible relationship with food. And I had to conquer it once and for all.

The couple of months that followed, I struggled. I had intense cravings (mostly when I was emotional or stressed). At one point I increased my cheese intake instead of decreasing it. It got ugly. But I had to go through those moments to understand their significance. They are simply moments. They would pass and I would have to learn how to move on from it.

I made the decision to not exercise the first few months of my journey because I wanted to get myself  under control in regards to food. I wanted to understand how my body truly reacted to food. I wanted to listen to my body, which is something I haven’t done in the past.

I learned that my body doesn’t need excessive amounts of coffee to stay energized and found healthy alternatives. I found some healthy and not so healthy vegan recipes that I enjoy eating and no longer feel guilty for eating food I enjoy. I’m so much happier. I learned that if I eat cheese one day or give into a craving the vegan gods weren’t going to excommunicate me from the club.

And I am so happy that I allowed myself this time to enjoy learning a new lifestyle and finding ways to make it work for me. So starting next week I am happy to say that I’m ready to reintroduce exercise and officially add the second component to my health journey. I will be keeping you guys updated every week on how everything goes. I’ll also add my meal preps.

I’m still amazed at myself at how far I’ve come and I am proud of myself for sticking it out this long.


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