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How to Not Starve While Traveling

Hello Beautiful people! It has been so long since I’ve posted anything. Life has been kinda hectic lately! I felt inspired to do a post on what I ate during my travels from Honolulu, Hi to Louisville, Ky back in July. Let’s get started!

Any time I travel I typically eat on the lighter side. Flying is pretty anxiety-provoking for me so the less I eat the better it is for everyone.

Trust me.

Since Hawaii to Kentucky is about 12 hours non-stop, I typically like to have a couple of layovers so I can eat, rehydrate, and stretch my legs. Prior to being vegetarian, I would rarely pack snacks. I usually ate whatever they had in the terminals. This time I knew I had to be a bit more proactive. And boy did it save me!

My snack bag consisted of the following: 2 Sliced peaches, an apple, Anahola Granola Tropical Mix, and small batch kettle corn. Thankfully, I ate a pretty filling meal before I left for the airport and it held me over for awhile.

My first stop was San Francisco. We arrived an hour early so I had plenty of time to really look and search for a meal. Well…out of the 5 restaurants and one coffee shop in the terminal there was ONE thing I could eat.


I found a veggie sandwich with hummus at a little breakfast shop and paired it with some peach slices. As I ate the sandwich I realize there was feta cheese hiding in the hummus. Like seriously?? I was so excited to find something that I could eat I didn’t realize it said feta hummus on the menu.

Begrudgingly, I finished my sandwich and prepared to board my next flight.


Next stop: Chicago, Illinois

After a 5 hour flight I was famished. But once again I knew finding something to eat would be difficult. Chicago is known for everything BUT a vegan diet. There was pizza, Garrett’s popcorn, Italian places, Portillo’s, etc. 30 minutes into finding food, I give up. I ate some snacks and told myself that I could get a veggie burrito bowl once I made it home in a couple of hours.


My flight was delayed.

By 2 hours.

Once I made it home to Kentucky, it was 10:30 pm.


No Chipotle for me.

After this experience I realized that though plant-based living is on the rise in America, it still has a long way to go. The fact that I traveled through San Francisco AND Chicago and there was only ONE thing that I could really eat was sad. We have to eat too! But it’s cool. Below I came up with some tips to help ease the hunger pains while traveling:

  1. I would invest in a large lunch box that keeps food cold for at least 12 hours (I believe Yeti has one). Then you could just bring your own food and not worry about starving to death.
  2. ALWAYS have snacks. If you don’t want to bring a lunch box with you, at least packs some snacks that you enjoy eating. I usually buy granola bars and fruit.
  3. Eat a large meal prior to traveling. I honestly believe that if I didn’t eat before I left I wouldn’t have made it.
  4. Bring protein powder and a blender bottle. Almost every Starbucks or coffee shop has non-dairy milk options for purchase. Use that to make a quick protein shake!


It will be awhile before I have to travel again but I will be way more prepared!




P.S. Now that my nutrition class is over I have tons of free time! I will be posting a few times a week now, as well as posting more recipes! Don’t forget to subscribe!


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