An Everyday Look In A Transitioning Vegan's Life

Day Two: I’m Too Busy to Eat…so I guess I’ll Starve…

I should be knocked out but here I am writing a post! I will keep this super short so I can get my beauty rest. Today was a pretty big challenge. I work night shift so eating like a normal human being is already hard. Some nights I eat everything in sight just to stay awake and others I’m so busy with my patients that I’m lucky if I drink any water. Well last night was one of those nights.

For breakfast I still had my green smoothie and toast then went to sleep. I woke up around 4 pm and prepared my very healthy lunch then headed to work!

I came to work ready with my salad, quinoa, veggie sandwich, and back up trail mix I found in my pantry (you know, just in case things got really difficult). I hit the ground running at 7 pm  and didn’t stop all night. The only thing I had time to eat was my sandwich and a banana that I bought. That was it. I was so hungry but I had to turn it off until my patients calmed down.

I wanted to write this quick post because eating raw meals while working night shift in an ICU is hard. In order to stay satisfied I literally have to eat every 2 hours and that does NOT fit in with my schedule. I still have two more nights before I am off again. I hope that tonight is a lot smoother.  Otherwise, it is going to be a looooonnnnnnggggg 2 days. Say a prayer for me!

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