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Day One: Let’s Get Raw!

Today was day one of eating primarily raw meals. Lord have mercy the hunger was unreal! For breakfast I had a green smoothie with spinach, green apples, coconut water, strawberries, and soursop. One thing that I absolutely can NOT stand is a pulpy smoothie. The texture of clumps and pieces in a “liquid” is pure torture to me. This smoothie had a great taste but I couldn’t finish it because of all the pulp.

I’ve never tried soursop but I’ve heard of the health benefits this super fruit provides. I did some research on soursop and this is what I learned. Soursop is a fruit primarily found in Mexico and tropical locations. It supposedly kills parasites, relieves stress, improves the health of your skin, an immune system booster, and many more. It was so good! It reminded me of a mix of grapefruit and passion fruit. It is super seedy so it took a lot of effort to take them all out. Regardless, I will DEFINITELY be buying it again.

I also had 2 slices of sprouted multigrain toast with avocado, tomatoes, and pepper. Now, avocado toast is probably one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast. It is super easy and quick to make, as well as satisfying…

For about 2 hours…

I ate a bowl of cherries hoping the hunger would simmer down. It worked a little bit.

Let’s talk about lunch! 

Lunch was fun to make because it involved using kitchen appliances! A few months ago I bought a vegetable spiralizer and I think I used it once. Well, I got to break it in today and made zucchini noodles. I also used my food processor, which is an ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER if you cook the majority of your meals from scratch. Previously, I used my Ninja blender to make all my sauces but it wasn’t getting the job done when it came to thicker consistencies.  For the noodles I made a homemade raw marinara sauce that I freestyled, consisting of mushrooms, basil, roma tomatoes, garlic, balsalmic vinegar, a touch of grapeseed oil, and salt. I also added a hint of pepper and curry powder. I paired it with one slice of multigrain sprouted toast.

The flavors were very bright, fresh, and refreshing. It was tasty. The sauce was a bit on the watery side so next time I’ll have to drain the liquid before combining with the zoodles. Unfortunately, like the first meal, I was hungry roughly 2 hours later. So I ate some Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookie almond milk ice cream because that’s what happens when it feels like a lion is doing back flips in your stomach.

Now dinner time.

I intended to make raw enchiladas. I was super excited because it was going to be a challenging dish to make. It involved making homemade raw tortillas, walnut pumpkin seed filling, and homemade cashew “cheese” sauce. This meal took me almost 4 hours to make and by the end of it I ended up making something else. The tortillas itself took almost 3 hours to make because they had to be dehydrated in the oven and I had to play around with seasonings to make the sauce edible. Who knew raw recipes were so complicated??

By the end of it I decided to use everything listed above and made a deconstructed enchilada. I turned the tortilla into raw tortilla chips since I wasn’t able to peel off pieces big enough to make an enchilada. Despite the difficulty of this recipe, my concoction turned out amazing and I  really enjoyed it. Though I morphed a raw meal into a cooked one, I will definitely be making this again in the future. Plus I found an alternative to the soy based meats in the store that is not only cheaper but also tastes a million times better!

Overall today wasn’t too bad. The hunger was unreal at times and I indulged in some ice cream. But hey, I’m human. At the end of the day I’m glad I tried some new foods and tested my palate.

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