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Meal Prep Haul #1: A Week of Mostly Raw Meals

One thing I’ve always done to help keep my eating on track is meal prep. If I have food already cooked I am least likely to eat something bad for me or spend money out. I haven’t exactly perfected the art of it with vegan/plant-based cooking. Luckily, I am slowly learning more efficient and cost-effective ways to not starve.

This week my boyfriend and I decided to take it back to mother nature and eat mostly raw meals this week. We’ve been very lax with our diet, eating lots of processed vegan products and not enough vegetables.  I was reluctant to do this because I tried eating raw a few months ago and only lasted 2 days. The hunger was unbearable. It kind of traumatized me. However I decided to give it another chance.

When I meal prep I typically choose one breakfast, lunch, and dinner and eat it throughout the entire week. I would love to incorporate more meals into my regimen so it doesn’t get boring but it can get expensive. The meals are prepared on Monday (if my work schedule allows for it) and eaten Tuesday to Friday. However whenever we do a raw week multiple meals have to be utilized. Because no one can eat zucchini noodles with broccoli on top for 4 days straight. The food also goes bad quicker.

The majority of our food was purchased at the farmer’s market. Food prices in Honolulu are absolutely ridiculous and I found that shopping at the local farmer’s market is a much more rewarding experience. Plus the vendors ALWAYS throw in something free. We got a big bag full of turmeric for only $3, cilantro for $1, 7 extra large zucchinis for only $5, free beets, and so many other steals. It can’t get any better than that!

We did make a stop to Whole Foods to get some items from the bulk section and other produce that couldn’t be found at the farmer’s market. Overall we spent about $82 per person ($163 total) which is not too terrible. I was expecting it to be well over $200 since we had to buy more produce than we normally would.

Over the next few days I will be posting my meals and my experience with eating a primarily raw diet for a week. I’m excited to see what happens! Feel free to comment and subscribe below!



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