An Everyday Look In A Transitioning Vegan's Life

So You want to go Vegan?? Why I decided to Make the Change…

So I’m just gonna keep it real. Veganism was not something I had in my life plan. Traveling the world, yes. Living life to the fullest without an regrets, YES! Having a house with 20 million French bulldog puppies? Oh Yay! Healthy eating, of course! Eating only fruits and vegetables for the rest of my life and giving up the holy grail of foods called CHEESE?? Say what now???

Yeah, right.

I’ve always had a slight obsession with food, nutrition, and health. I remember only wanting to drink soy milk as a little girl because regular milk hurt my stomach. I did an Alkaline detox where I only ate green leafy vegetables in various forms for a week. I loved veggie burgers. I would do various cleanses because I apparently loved to torture myself. I was a weird child. No but seriously I would learn all of these tidbits in regards to nutrition, apply them to my life, but then go right back to my previous diet. So why go through all of that prep and research just to undo all of the effects by eating a bucket of chicken? Well….surprise surprise fried chicken tastes way better than a kale collard green and lemon juice smoothie. So for the last 11 years of my life I have had this CONSTANT battle with healthy food and unhealthy food; And the unhealthy food always won.


As I got older I did slowly make healthier choices. I stopped eating fried food, bought a grill and grilled my vegetables and chicken. I continued to meal prep. I rarely ate ice cream. I no longer ate red meat. I only bought organic chicken and produce. I started working out. I was getting the hang of it. But one thing I could never do was give up chicken, salmon, and cheese completely. The thought of doing that made me want to cry. Then my boyfriend suggested that I watch the documentary Cowspiracy. And my life was changed forever…..

Eh not really (shoulder shrug).


My boyfriend was so moved by the documentary that he quit eating meat cold turkey. The documentary was really eye-opening and I learned a lot. So I decided that I would stop eating meat too.

And it was going to be great…

For about a month. Then it wasn’t…

I even watched Vegucated, Food Inc and various other documentaries. My heart wanted to change so badly, especially after seeing how terrible these animals were being treated, as well as all the crap food industries put in food to make it taste good. But dang it Chick fil a is delicious.


I was addicted.

I continued to try and go vegetarian numerous times over the last two years. I eventually just gave up. I was tired of stressing about what I could and couldn’t eat that I just ate whatever. I wasn’t gaining crazy amounts of weight and was still healthy, so I decided to eat vegetarian meals and animal-based meals. Then something happened, guys.

To all the ladies out there, you know how your mom warned you as a teenager that when you enter your mid-twenties that your metabolism starts to slow down and you start to gain weight in places that no woman ever wants to have fat? Or how your tiny waist won’t be there forever.  Man I straight up told my mom that I was healthy and I exercised regularly and that things would be cool.

Well, I turned 25……(side eye)… got me on this one.


Call me dramatic but my metabolism slowed down considerably and I noticed that I was starting to hold onto a little extra weight. Now, I naturally have a curvy frame so the extra weight didn’t really bother me that much. I accepted the extra fluff on my butt and moved on with my life. Until my weight hit 170, then 188. 188 lbs is a lot on a 5’5 frame. 188 is when I realized that maybe I should put the cupcakes down. Granted a lot happened in my life when I went from 160 lbs to 188 lbs. I was in a long distance relationship, I took a new position in another state and relocated to be closer to my significant other, I had a rough time adjusting to my new job, I was sleep-deprived from working rotating shifts, AND I work in the Neuroscience ICU. That alone is enough to make anyone want to eat their sorrows away. I mean a lot was going on. And I knew that stress and lack of sleep could cause considerable weight gain. I also used food to help me cope (i.e. eat my sorrows away) with everything that was going on.


I felt like I lost control. At this time my boyfriend had been vegetarian for a full year and then transitioned to doing a 40 day fast of sugar and animal products. He literally looked like the picture of health. And me? I felt like I was 87. I asked him how he could just quit eating all those things cold turkey and not look back. He basically told me that it wouldn’t be right for him to know all the health implications and NOT change his ways. It’s for better health and a better world. You just have to do it!

Though I listened to what he said, it still took me awhile to finally take the plunge and try to transition one more time. I did start only eating meat and cheese on the weekends. I cooked more vegan meals and tried different things. I even started taking a Holistic Nutrition course in February to learn even more about plant-based diets. And I am proud to say after numerous pity parties and moments of frustrations I began my transition to veganism on March 14th.


It was the best decision I ever made! What made this time different from all of the other times I tried to change? Not only did I want to help myself achieve ultimate happiness and health, I want to help others just like me do the same thing.

I created this blog so I could do three things:

  1. Share my story and be as transparent as possible during my journey.
  2. Have fun while making a pivotal change in my life.
  3. Be held accountable. It’s hard to slip up when everyone in the world knows your agenda.

This blog is my diary and if what I share makes a positive change in one person’s life then that is all I could ask for! If anything I hope it at least makes you laugh.

What are you experiences with health and switching to a plant-based diet? I would love to hear your thoughts! I also have a list of things I want to talk about that will be released over the next couple of weeks. Subscribe below and stay tuned!!



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